Woman Addicted to Eating Matressess

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Fallout Flyboy
Fallout Flyboy преди 4 минути
2:35 why does her face change like that
Barracuda преди 36 минути
Felix needs to do a TED talk
jameir Sinclair
jameir Sinclair преди 36 минути
i eat stone ok so no bad vibes here
Zexainia Sutcliff
Zexainia Sutcliff преди 53 минути
Did anyone else crack up because her name is Jennifer? 😂 Amnesia nostalgia
Aylin Akman
Aylin Akman преди час
" How many calories are in a mattress? " Ladies and Gentlemen The best question of the year
Jayvee Asis
Jayvee Asis преди час
Think if her having a freaking baby bruuuh u will kill the baby before ur self even wtf man
Jayvee Asis
Jayvee Asis преди час
Pewds dont realize ha has a mirror so ksi know *BANDI CAM* I know this was a while ago but i just realized it know too
Jayvee Asis
Jayvee Asis преди час
Iriaatation Pewds 2021
D_bel преди час
Shadow Smith
Shadow Smith преди час
its true you are what you eat
Joseph Coy
Joseph Coy преди час
I can't say anything without being racist.. What the fuck do I care!! That fuck up!!
Kaiya преди час
was Sive high while editing this
nunya преди час
So... the selling point of a VPN is ... "Watching Movies by pretending to be in another country" Nothing about security?
Srishti преди 2 часа
I also had pica but I started taking iron pills and I got better lol.
Alexa Salmela
Alexa Salmela преди 2 часа
My favorite part is when she gets to the bedbugs, yummy :)
Zack Leithauser
Zack Leithauser преди 3 часа
Pewdiepie: DONT EAT MATTRESS Me: Goes on amazon to get a new mattress so pewdiepie gods don't spite me
M&M преди 3 часа
The frist woman (forgot her name) looks like she has severe anxiety disorder. which why she couldnt have a seemingly simple conversation because its was overwhelming, coupled with bing eating and eating the mattress which the texture has become a self soothing tool. She could have an adrenal gland deficiencies like Addisons disease. A lot of these are self soothing techniques to deal with anxiety disorders or gried disorder. Its like being a hoarder, many people just want to control their environment with out realizing it.
DancingDragoness преди 5 часа
So we're just gonna ignore the whole "reuse" part at 7:15?
Hill Person
Hill Person преди 5 часа
14:50 Jacksepticeye be like
Dorugoramon 0
Dorugoramon 0 преди 5 часа
And this is why people need a dad in the house.
Александр Щербаков
Александр Щербаков преди 5 часа
First you wonder, how can you can get that fat by eating mattresses, and then you see her mom
oBuka преди 5 часа
Therpist: did die i, no so its ok me: eats laptops, did i die, no so its ok
Lauren Hofreiter
Lauren Hofreiter преди 6 часа
i literally had to stop watching because any time she ate it i gagged. the thought of that texture in my mouth combined with the knowledge that it would dry all my spit and it would taste like cotton smells was so upsetting
yuri tannus
yuri tannus преди 6 часа
Sulfur burps is the name of a punk rock band
yuri tannus
yuri tannus преди 6 часа
or should be
Melissa Dickenson
Melissa Dickenson преди 6 часа
Damn she eating good tho ain’t missing any work outs
Thisisnotmyrealname8 преди 7 часа
Mattresses are packed with niacin.
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson преди 7 часа
When I crave to eat some mattress damn.
SweetnSourSoren преди 7 часа
That woman addicted to eating drywall is literally eating herself out of house and home lol
Heavenly преди 7 часа
Spongebob would fear her
Em Dee
Em Dee преди 7 часа
Mom: have a snack The girl: ok (pulls out mattress foam eats it) Mom: wtf dont eat that that Pewdiepie: no let her it's good content
Em Dee
Em Dee преди 7 часа
meme time/epic
Futner J
Futner J преди 7 часа
The ed edd n eddy clip bro 💀💀💀💀
SailorAllie преди 8 часа
Somehow this feels worse to me than sand :s
Kitty Simplinsk
Kitty Simplinsk преди 8 часа
Hi, Pewdiepie, FYI I just got NordVPN and unfortunately it does not work on Netfilx. After like 15~20 min into Netflix movie, it will detect that VPN is being used and it will stop playing and ask you to turn it off.
asteroid 1069
asteroid 1069 преди 8 часа
It looked like the x-ray was actually a targeting system about to shoot her😂
Adam Ramzy
Adam Ramzy преди 9 часа
Me tryna watch someone eat rainbow french fries pewds in the background :| wOOOw... wOOOOw
Ollie Godfrey
Ollie Godfrey преди 9 часа
Best intro EVEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!😇😇😇😇🥵🥵
Zizo преди 9 часа
I would just assume this is american reality TV where they pay people to act like that. Especially the fried girl...
Coulter преди 9 часа
I think she got some attention, and she got addicted to that. I also never find people saying "it's embarrassing" believable when they are saying it to a camera they invited to watch them do it.
Ficcator преди 9 часа
Holy shit, how fat they are? Absolutely enourmus, gigatic. One monster eats beds.
AwkwardRainbowPotato преди 9 часа
Can't she just switch over to eating sponge cakes? I know that isn't much better but at least it's not going to straight up kill her.
RISHI VS преди 10 часа
well i am addicted to sleeping while watching tseries u rule pewds
Jessica Kakern
Jessica Kakern преди 10 часа
Is this my cat reincarnated? He use to lick my mattress for HOURS everytime i washed my sheets.
Aynsley Johnson
Aynsley Johnson преди 10 часа
these vids would be a lot better without the constant fat jokes tbh
Pmorphie преди 10 часа
cake has that texture
Blake Williams
Blake Williams преди 10 часа
i had my volume really loud from watching james charles' apology video so now my mom knows that I'm not paying attention in class
randomvideoposter1000 преди 11 часа
"don't eat poison" "it looks delicious" "but it can kill you" "how do you know what it's made of"
CrimsonGD преди 11 часа
felix: gives a speech to push yourself me: pushes myself to jump off a cliff
Chaitanya Gupta
Chaitanya Gupta преди 11 часа
After watching this I'mma 💯 sure someone tasted mattress
Vaginaattori преди 12 часа
I wanna go on Dr. Phil too! Am addicted to smelling my own farts.
Einartas Lekstutis
Einartas Lekstutis преди 12 часа
Your name is fatdiepie right?🤣 This iš not a dislike
jeiyuuu преди 13 часа
i should be on TLC. i'm addicted to breathing
Mahin Gazi
Mahin Gazi преди 13 часа
His brother lookin like Thick Neck Diddy
elm xo
elm xo преди 13 часа
I can’t even afford to buy a new mattress goddamn woman
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley преди 13 часа
Her toilet is dirty because she can fit on the toilet so she can't aim
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley преди 13 часа
All these black ppl with weird non edible food addiction has to be from malnutrition
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley преди 13 часа
Eating that is probably making her fatter than she needs to be because its screwing up her digestion
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley преди 13 часа
I feel some weird secondhand embarrassment because its always an Afri-Amer person on TLC
Electr0 преди 14 часа
Holy sh*t are these people fat
Electr0 преди 14 часа
hmm yes yummy mattress
AverageTitan преди 14 часа
Might just be me, but the second half of the video looks really saturated.
PhillsTime ToKill
PhillsTime ToKill преди 15 часа
The people like the fry lady be eating the worlds supply of potatoes
Chaitannya K
Chaitannya K преди 15 часа
i literally threw up and now i feel sick
Gianna Cruz
Gianna Cruz преди 15 часа
Bro she’s buggin, carrots be BUSSIN I’m kind of disappointed ngl
Black xyz
Black xyz преди 16 часа
Primordial One
Primordial One преди 16 часа
Should've reacted with Ken.
Cristina Heiberg
Cristina Heiberg преди 16 часа
I often wonder what picky eaters do if they stranded on an island. They're no french fries there
Savage Sasuke
Savage Sasuke преди 16 часа
Mom there is a monster under my bed the monster under your bed
Adripiom преди 17 часа
Woou great
Dubstequtie преди 18 часа
So those sulfur burps can even go as far as vomiting POOP from your mouth. This is common for serious meth addicts who don't eat much but when they do it doesn't digest and they throw up their own poop. :D Imagine literally shitting from your mouth. Your mouth becomes your butthole.
Theuri Charles
Theuri Charles преди 18 часа
Was this reuploaded?
adventuregamingvital преди 18 часа
Sabina Scott
Sabina Scott преди 19 часа
If I worked at mattress firm either she wouldn’t be allowed in or if I did I would keep an eye on her lol
gekke meesy
gekke meesy преди 19 часа
Title : woman eats her bed and other woman eats her house
Cartoon Fanatic
Cartoon Fanatic преди 20 часа
pewdiepie: i don't wanna see no shit the toilet: eXcUsE Me
Cartoon Fanatic
Cartoon Fanatic преди 20 часа
hmm, i'll have me a quarter pounder matress
sif преди 20 часа
so glad I got a tempurpedic matress ad for this, I didn't even have to look at the menu
Dhruv Agarwal
Dhruv Agarwal преди 21 час
i need to stop watching pewdiepie during lunch
StaccatoTrain2 преди 21 час
When he said to eat something of the same texture as mattresses. But I think it's worse to eat rocks.
Shawn Kow
Shawn Kow преди 21 час
Im addicted to pewdiepie
asaspades преди 21 час
this guy is sleeping in his own food
Flynn Cureton
Flynn Cureton преди 21 час
She got applauded for eating a chip
animes преди 22 часа
The mattress prob tastes like wool or cotton lol
NotDyNaStI преди 22 часа
9:25 me when i know something in online school
Posdude Pollis
Posdude Pollis преди 23 часа
Mine was actually pretty good
Yuno's Nutshell
Yuno's Nutshell преди ден
When pewdiepie knows what a square foot is.. 😐
Hcog Gaming
Hcog Gaming преди ден
not gonna lie when she started eating the blue frie and cried i bursted out laughing😂
cake преди ден
Eat sponge cake
Ruohon Leikkaaja 57
Ruohon Leikkaaja 57 преди ден
Google Michel Lotito. He was a man who ate glass and steel
Millie Lilly00
Millie Lilly00 преди ден
the matress size she picks looks like a triangle of cheese!?!?!?
:Dee преди ден
"u dont have to eat ur own house"
Fantasticburrito преди ден
Your bird vpn part was a little odd. I think editing kinda went wonky
bl00dylocket преди ден
She did a great job :)
THE SECRET WAY :0 преди ден
Try cotten candy
Matt H
Matt H преди ден
Nope, I'm good.
Noah Westbury
Noah Westbury преди ден
i ate a forsty while watching this lol fr
Megumim LeWd ッ
Megumim LeWd ッ преди ден
kkkkkkkkk pica
Sebastian Walker
Sebastian Walker преди ден
The mom was so fat that she made the whole square that she sat on sink
ZackTheMuffinMan преди ден
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