Millenial CHEATS To Win $1000

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преди 25 дни

The Cut Video:
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CinnamonToastKen преди 23 дни
I would use the 1000 bucks to increase this videos quality.
_ Kaiser _
_ Kaiser _ преди 21 ден
Charles Hunt
Charles Hunt преди 21 ден
Mimi Ruu
Mimi Ruu преди 21 ден
pls and thank you
Meggsie преди 21 ден
I would use 1000 bucks to get you to water your dog!
DeepFried IceCream
DeepFried IceCream преди 21 ден
react couch collab with pewdiepie when
PATRICK MORENO преди 54 минути
I bet half the ppl in the comment section have anime pfp on instagram
S R преди 3 часа
I dont know If pewdiepie realizes that millennials are adults 😂😂😂
Anna Winters
Anna Winters преди 7 часа
The one guy who's like "I support minorities and stuff in school so I don't have time to work" is gonna be miserable af when he graduates and realises that employers literally don't give a shit about how much of an SJW you were in school, they just want your work experience which you can't get without working.
Megan S
Megan S преди 9 часа
Mad respect for Aaron not being angry or holding a grudge.
Acaman преди 12 часа
Why does the best person get voted out first in every video damn
S King
S King преди 13 часа
They kicked the first dude off because he was a WHITE MALE!!! Reeeee
adventuregamingvital преди 18 часа
Eddie Sidorov
Eddie Sidorov преди 19 часа
Destiny got so far because of her personality not her reason smh felix and ken . Playful joke don’t hate me
jay travers
jay travers преди 21 час
27:45 controversy= clicks Modern media does it all the time.
cypher jackson
cypher jackson преди 22 часа
can you not learn sign language online through youtube?? some course websites that cost like less than $100 a year???
Brianna Middleton
Brianna Middleton преди ден
24:36 wasn't his major just helping people based on their appearance?
dokidoki_bells преди ден
480p experience
JETH BG преди ден
Bruh the screen is so small
jackson miller
jackson miller преди ден
"I help Children that have cancer" everyone minds- "ugh he is white, I'm probably more woke then him"
jackson miller
jackson miller преди ден
so, basically I'm watching the millennials one last, and like the other ones, before watching i can already tell all the white people are going to be out first
Solus преди ден
They gave the 1000 dollars to the girl for mental health issues but voted off the guy willing to help _children_ who have been very affected _mentally_ because their parents had cancer???😭😭
Jocularr Josh
Jocularr Josh преди ден
Destiny choose our destiny = CRINGEEEEE
IAmStuckInEarth преди ден
I'd rather be "depressed" my whole life than spending 24,000 on mental health 😂 do you know how many sh*t I can buy with 24,000 dollars?
Jampee преди ден
4:3 moment
red преди 2 дни
Votes off the one representing a conferring camp for kids who’s parents have cancer and then gives the money to the one who cheats after continuously praising someone who bought an apartment they couldn’t afford
Wug преди 2 дни
Why is the highest quality 480p?
Angela Stone
Angela Stone преди 2 дни
Omg! I totally forgot about the title until the end. Cheater!!!!! 😰
Electric Animations
Electric Animations преди 2 дни
They really voted the guy who helps kids whos parents have cancer
Your favorite Nigerian uncle
Your favorite Nigerian uncle преди 2 дни
I forgot their reasons in the second round
Libby Diaz
Libby Diaz преди 2 дни
The first dude should of won the money
Rafael Almeida
Rafael Almeida преди 2 дни
The video ratio it's messed up ;(
jan niño lao
jan niño lao преди 2 дни
If i was one of them i would just tell them to vote me out and tell them im just here to see you guys embarrass yourselves on the internet😂😂😂
Ima Baddie
Ima Baddie преди 2 дни
Did Ken dye his eyebrows or did he take off his glasses? I CANT TELL
O6 FADE преди 2 дни
This video is at 480p for a reason
BlåMeese преди 2 дни
Medical expense for a dog is apparently better than helping kids dealing with the effects of cancer. SMH
BlåMeese преди 2 дни
Medical expense for a dog is apparently better than helping kids dealing with the effects of cancer. SMH
BlåMeese преди 2 дни
I love how there's a difference between millenials and adults....although the adults were way worse than the millenials even with the stereotypes!
BlåMeese преди 2 дни
I love how there's a difference between millenials and adults....although the adults were way worse than the millenials even with the stereotypes!
Marlena Sheffield
Marlena Sheffield преди 3 дни
My boyfriends mother lived and died of terminal cancer. If he would’ve had a support system it could’ve changed his life, but vote the guy offering that support system out first.... we live in a society
deaf.dumb.blind. преди 3 дни
CheesethekidPC преди 3 дни
Lmfao why is the video quality so shit
j o e l
j o e l преди 3 дни
what is this format and quality
Warner1929 преди 3 дни
These people are so cruel! I'd instantly give it to children who are going through the stress of their parents going through Cancer. I was between the age range when my grandma fought and lost the battle to Cancer, and I seriously could have used it. These people are so selfish.😒
Monke Says
Monke Says преди 3 дни
I think the funniest thing is that they said they didn’t want to get hated in the comments and they were so rude to each other.
A friendly Person
A friendly Person преди 3 дни
wtf happened to the quality
Isabella Medaglia-Grindle
Isabella Medaglia-Grindle преди 3 дни
Pewdiepie: "If you say you're a *good person* then you're a *good person,*" Theodd1sout: "Write that down, write that down"
YpmuJ преди 3 дни
They always send the white people to the couch first lol
Lone Tigress
Lone Tigress преди 3 дни
I love ur videos ❤️
Walid M
Walid M преди 3 дни
Charity is the most important one like whuh
Cole Van Arenthals
Cole Van Arenthals преди 3 дни
Why do the people going for charity like never win.
Mæliosa преди 4 дни
Ken looks like a whole meal
Reagan Wentworth
Reagan Wentworth преди 4 дни
The pink hair girl was the worst
RED HAND преди 4 дни
new camera?
Alex Oracolo
Alex Oracolo преди 4 дни
Are child's with cancer dark enough for pity? GET OUT!
Viccruiserer преди 4 дни
Emma Ruban
Emma Ruban преди 4 дни
She literally pay about 5% of her bill, while we have a guy who works with kids affected by cancer
ValenCode преди 4 дни
Is it just me or this video is uploaded to 480p and it doesn't go higher than that
JamesG 23
JamesG 23 преди 4 дни
ñosfdihdlsñkgj wgfrggwrgwsg
ñosfdihdlsñkgj wgfrggwrgwsg преди 4 дни
"i dont care about charity", i want to point out im not evil, i just have health and sorry about the people that dont and struggle for it.
Chloe Mellor /Tazzery
Chloe Mellor /Tazzery преди 4 дни
I'm so annoyed that they voted off the dude who helps kids who's parents have gone through treatment, he was so nice also when he was on the other sofa😔. Never thought a video could piss me off so much.
nphy преди 4 дни
that girl with the pink hair SUCKED.
Axel Zambrano
Axel Zambrano преди 5 дни
What a psychopath she is
dn преди 5 дни
this video quality is so good
Ka'Vaughn Brown Cutno
Ka'Vaughn Brown Cutno преди 5 дни
Bro they're so easy to read like all of these people suck
Trentstar123 преди 5 дни
I want to help kids who’s parents have cancer. I want to help my dog. I WANT TO MOVE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MsDarkalina преди 5 дни
Why is this 480p though Pewds wtf
Requiem преди 5 дни
Why is the video zoomed out?
Jessica Swain
Jessica Swain преди 5 дни
i would love if the producers were like haah you guys all suck we are going to give it to the first person voted out as they are always the nicest
Elyse Sakala
Elyse Sakala преди 5 дни
I hate desnisty
FB Savage Wolf
FB Savage Wolf преди 5 дни
Don't you just hate having people like Destiny in your class who cry their way through everything
SnobGlarb The Great
SnobGlarb The Great преди 5 дни
They voted out the most honest, rational person there because he had a legit reasoning as to what he would do with the money. Thats the problem. The people with legitimate reasons always get voted out.
SnobGlarb The Great
SnobGlarb The Great преди 5 дни
Genuinely nice people dont have to remind people that they are nice.
nanoguy 2007
nanoguy 2007 преди 5 дни
charity helps less plus the guy that got voted out first probably lied, plus the cause wasn't as significant and he said if you'll vote me I won't donate anymore which shows how committed he is to the charity
anima099 преди 5 дни
I'm a Millennial (31) and I thought we would fare better than the adults -_-
MAERVICK преди 5 дни
Very curious how old people would play this one out.
Deanne Charan
Deanne Charan преди 5 дни
@PewDiePie It happened. the thing Pewds said never happens in reality shows finally happened. the girl that said I'm here to win money, while everyone else said they're here to make friends, actually won.
Lauren James
Lauren James преди 5 дни
It’s like they find some of the meanest people to put in these videos... and some of the kindest ppl too, who don’t get to talk long enough sadly , and get voted out first.
Heavy Weapons Guy
Heavy Weapons Guy преди 6 дни
Bruh Destiny lookin like she belongs in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures
Marcos Rios
Marcos Rios преди 6 дни
Lololol that woke student leadership dude better never run for office
Waylon преди 6 дни
Why is this video in 480 p and why why why is the aspect ratio so damn odd😂😂
Emre Yavuzalp
Emre Yavuzalp преди 6 дни
This format is pretty nice Felix and Ken. Just please keep doing this format. I had a lot of fun :D
lepel преди 6 дни
why am I suddenly 480p gang
grindcaft преди 6 дни
ew yo my screen bro so small
Nat Cat
Nat Cat преди 6 дни
matching kitty ears bffs
Oliviaa преди 6 дни
Omg. Can y'all two watch Jersey Shore together?😏😏
HahaHarleen преди 6 дни
I like the way Ken says "Bats" @1:56
DaBeegBoi преди 6 дни
When they started clapping hands and acting like 2 year olds after deciding destiny should vote I was taken back to a flash back of countless hours of watching teletubbies
hj yu
hj yu преди 6 дни
The dusty cone regionally signal because snail thermodynamically strip within a loud detective. substantial, madly advantage
Freaking rat
Freaking rat преди 6 дни
this CUT video is so hard to watch. It's getting to my nerves hahahaha
LOOK AT MY CHAIN преди 6 дни
Riley Thene
Riley Thene преди 6 дни
7:01 the sad truth
Lord Simpanore
Lord Simpanore преди 6 дни
"I want to learn sign language to speak to someone" ME: Get a whiteboard
Diego Ascencio
Diego Ascencio преди 7 дни
The difference in video quality lol
Abdul Ahmed
Abdul Ahmed преди 7 дни
Did you film it with a potato?!
Challenger преди 7 дни
Is this an actual video res error?
katiekat преди 7 дни
bruh u can learn a language on your own there’s no need to go to a class
Jality преди 7 дни
Alan Vasquez
Alan Vasquez преди 7 дни
This shows a lot about society
ً преди 7 дни
What is this quality video?
Meghan M
Meghan M преди 7 дни
Cut should make a video where they bring them all back and confront the cheater
Gleise Centauri
Gleise Centauri преди 7 дни
Matthew Chalfant
Matthew Chalfant преди 7 дни
This is why democracy fails
James Lemm
James Lemm преди 7 дни
Why is the best possible quality 480p? 109m subs, what are you doing with that money Felix?
Faybyan ALC
Faybyan ALC преди 7 дни
best quality so far
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