I am Smarter than Reddit

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proving im am smarter than ALL of reddit.. heck? ALL OF WORLD!
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Xman 21
Xman 21 преди 2 часа
8:27 ben10
UnoriginalRob преди 3 часа
this boi doing youtube for longer than i lived, im litterally 10.
Dirty Dowgg
Dirty Dowgg преди 5 часа
this is honestly my least favorite Reddit unless there is a r/tiktok or some crap because I once asked who would win in a fight Minecraft Steve or Goku and it got removed for the possibility of controversy
Nintendo 65
Nintendo 65 преди 6 часа
The 20's one really hit me, thx pewds
ChabuTwo преди 8 часа
The answers to "What are some green flags to know when to get serious in a relationship" are why the divorce rate is higher than 50%
Sleepy преди 11 часа
what is this smart middle age music called that sive uses when pewds is doing bigbrain/intellectual time? i like it.. so pls answer :)
Aarya Desure
Aarya Desure преди 11 часа
Marco Benavides
Marco Benavides преди 11 часа
“What would 12 year old you never believe about adult you” You’re able to afford to the Ford Fusion you wanted through monthly payments but still have to live with your parents.
Andoy Doy
Andoy Doy преди 13 часа
Jesus Loves all of you
Dehalove преди 13 часа
No Felix the first question is referring to moving to a new place and not drinking which makes meeting people hard. I have the same issue
kevin kukk
kevin kukk преди 13 часа
id travel the galaxy for like a year so when i come back its been 782.142856 years and its like time travel in to the future
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn преди 14 часа
"there's not many old female authors" 💀😐pewds...c'mon...
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn преди 14 часа
kate chopin, jane austen, marry shelley, margaret atwood, charlotte bronte, emily bronte...there's literally so many that made literary history
gill bertox
gill bertox преди 16 часа
love the caption
adventuregamingvital преди 18 часа
Jawad Rahman
Jawad Rahman преди 18 часа
Pewds:- *Shitting bout time and Relativity. Me:- Every 60 second, a minute passes in Africa.
midair преди 21 час
“Life is not a race” I needed to hear that.
abhishek yadav
abhishek yadav преди 23 часа
Pewds does not know that also there’s are planets called super planet an r say he is big brain Me :do not say to your dad
Matt Kissee
Matt Kissee преди ден
It takes 4.6 billion years for light to travel to the edge of the known universe.
Typical Texan
Typical Texan преди ден
One week, 15 earth years? You'd still age fifteen years, does that pass by in a perceived week? Or is it 15 years but to the alien it's a week?
unrefusableoffer преди ден
Now do 4chan
Fire Dude 57
Fire Dude 57 преди ден
7:55 how come they're all black females 🤔
Gui Franca
Gui Franca преди ден
Porque a capa do vídeo tem a sua cabeça ficou gigante?
jacob kahmahkotayo
jacob kahmahkotayo преди ден
Got em
Bifi Leer
Bifi Leer преди ден
I‘ve gotten more nervous with presentations. My anxiety grew so much over the last few years xD
aleriee преди ден
INGRID H преди ден
Im Smarter More Than You PewDiePie
Kemosabe 04
Kemosabe 04 преди ден
Sound dissipates to quickly to have an amplification affect? Ok then. Go scream in your room by yourself, then invite your family in and have all y’all scream at once. Is it louder? I think so.
M G преди ден
“Disconnected wealthy BGpostr pretends to be normie”
CaringLoveFaith In God_ONLY TV
CaringLoveFaith In God_ONLY TV преди ден
Great to know!
WEIRDO NEWB преди ден
Sonia Iliescu
Sonia Iliescu преди ден
5:41 best story i have ever heard, happy ending.
ham912 преди ден
Marhaban ya Ramadhan 🤲🙏
Sonia Iliescu
Sonia Iliescu преди ден
2:25 and thats how i met your mother
IcampSoWhat преди ден
4:20 Greatest advice ever
Abigail преди ден
I find that a lot of people hold their opinions against you. Its hard to find someone who will listen instead of interrupting whenever you get the chance to talk :(
Blue Lightning Creeper
Blue Lightning Creeper преди ден
You can't calculate the size of the galaxy by just the knowledge of how much time passes on Earth since you would also need to know how fast you are going. You would also need to know how much time the trip would take relative to you (at light speed it is about 93 billion years). So you would need to go way above light speed, which is impossible without exotic matter.
Blue Lightning Creeper
Blue Lightning Creeper преди ден
Well that depends because the universe is going to keep expanding and the rate is accelerating and will continue to accelerate. The Universe is already expanding faster than light and will get faster. Because of this, dark energy, dark matter, and forces of attraction will begin to fail, making space more empty and dark. At the end of the universe, there will be nothing left except light. All matter will "decompose" into photons. However, space won't be bright as there is nothing for the photons to bounce off of. As for space, it will continue expanding. Now you have to think about the definition of time. Is time how long the universe is around? That would make time infinite. Is time how long a living being can experience it? That would make time finite. Is time related to light? Well, that would be even more complicated. Anyway, it's kind of a mind-bender but interesting at the same time. P.S. This is with minimal knowledge and I'm sure that it is very simplified. The physics and mathematics are most probably a lot more complicated.
estefany louie
estefany louie преди ден
4:11 i needed this.
Hero Zero
Hero Zero преди ден
BathTub Squid
BathTub Squid преди ден
Anyone else couldn’t stop thinking about his headset being on backwards the entire time?
Megamany007op преди ден
If you put 2 lasagnas together would it just be 1 lasagna?🤯
Jo Waldner
Jo Waldner преди ден
History has been writen by men. There has always been female poets authors and artists in history but their works were not writen down or said to be less worth because they were females. Same goes for work troughout history made by people of colour. Read "Women, art and society" by Chadwick.
Unicode 3164
Unicode 3164 преди ден
Wow, got notified 7 days late.
Tr1ped преди ден
4:35 When Felix starts giving advice
Russell Tenzer
Russell Tenzer преди ден
Based on your last video game what are you getting arrested for? Warzone: Personally killing anyone and everyone I can find with anything and everything I can find in the pursuit of being the last man alive.
Shah Jalal Ahmed
Shah Jalal Ahmed преди ден
Time is limited.
조윤호 преди ден
Marcel Himmel
Marcel Himmel преди ден
[그림유튜브] преди ден
K3TCHUP _ преди ден
6:26 the reddit post
Photonic Duck
Photonic Duck преди ден
You are not smarter than reddit
LadoKlibadze преди ден
im 22 years old never worked before, studying stupid shit at univercity. am i running slowly or what.i think life has left me behind but im cool with it. fuck me im not cool with it! :(
Eye Ball Juice
Eye Ball Juice преди ден
I feel like pewds hasn’t came to the conclusion that adults and kids have no difference in intelligence currently
Jeff_Wolf преди 2 дни
"Enjoy your youth as much as possible before its too late" Life: School, homework, laws/rules, parents, insecurities
Bans Freestyle Vlogger
Bans Freestyle Vlogger преди 2 дни
Sloppy Blunt
Sloppy Blunt преди 2 дни
15years traveling is way better then 15years in jail
D4vid_hits преди 2 дни
day 11 of getting to 100 subs by comments lol
Captain Unity
Captain Unity преди 2 дни
I was gone for a year and pewds became a fucking genius
Live On
Live On преди 2 дни
"enjoy your youth" Pandemic: bitch u thought
Jake Despa
Jake Despa преди 2 дни
Can you do the china invasion thingy, they are currently invading taiwan and a wide area in the east..... West phillipine sea
The Cowlick Show
The Cowlick Show преди 2 дни
That isn’t very hard
YourOrdinaryTemp преди 2 дни
1:11 we all agree with you felix
Grace преди 2 дни
my mom was telling me about how much pressure is put on adults to drink with their friends. It's absolutely ridiculous. She also says once I get to that age, I should drink too so I don't look like a little kid. Like bro ill drink if I want to drink, and I won't if I don't want to. The last thing I'm gonna do is let a bunch of punk wannabe adults tell me what to do. It's funny how we are taught at a young age about how its wrong to peer pressure or be peer pressured, yet adults do crap like this all the time. its just stupid
THIS GUY HD преди 2 дни
tbh. literally every person that is not on reddit. is smarter then people that is on reddit.
fenix23 преди 2 дни
I always have grocery bag in car just in case ;)
meatANT преди 2 дни
I need shoutout , bro plz .🥺
Haley Townsend
Haley Townsend преди 2 дни
I really liked this
Pratyush Mishra
Pratyush Mishra преди 2 дни
I hear people always say that "PewDiePie is a single person and T series is a corporation". If that was so , what was the reason that pewdiepie competed with T series , hm? Its not that I am a lover of T series or Hater of pewd , I just think this guy ( pewdiepie) is a fool who did controversy for gaining subscribers.
Pratyush Mishra
Pratyush Mishra преди ден
@Tahnee's Blog Truth is never funny , son
Tahnee's Blog
Tahnee's Blog преди ден
not funny didn't laugh
GB преди 2 дни
i feel like there's a scene from this video got cut out. the scene where he talks about books, anyone watched that too ?
Showbiz Craft
Showbiz Craft преди 2 дни
I need help
Loophole преди 2 дни
4:40 Bertholdt
Ronan Fahy
Ronan Fahy преди 2 дни
Blows my mind that people's biggest problem in life is "GeT NeRvY tOkIn iN FrONt oF PeEpLe"
Devon Hitchens
Devon Hitchens преди 15 часа
Not a problem so much as it's more a fear, and that's a completely normal phenomenon for social animals. Evolution embedded into our monke brains, it helped us survive for thousands of years. Now.. What's your biggest problem in life though guy?
مصطفى التميمي
مصطفى التميمي преди 2 дни
زربه ttttttt
BLUYT FAN преди 2 дни
PANDA BS преди 2 дни
Erik Bayer
Erik Bayer преди 2 дни
The way he said kurzgesagt
BeyondAir преди 2 дни
when you running out of ideas
White Butterfly_46n2
White Butterfly_46n2 преди 2 дни
🦋 I Agree on these subjects. Reddit is a very perplexing site. Regardless of context. Felix giving the best advice to all us viewers. And then 🤣 that Epic Fridge again! 💁‍♀️ Emily Dickenson, Emily Brontë, & Anne Rice are my favorite female writers.😉
Small Ben7
Small Ben7 преди 2 дни
Imagine asking redditors how to make friends
VernZuoNotZou преди 2 дни
VernZuoNotZou преди 2 дни
Tqger _
Tqger _ преди 2 дни
Zoe O'Keefe
Zoe O'Keefe преди 2 дни
my female hero is katniss from the hunger games
Lara crofty
Lara crofty преди 3 дни
1:35 😂😂😂😂
Bin Ghhjb
Bin Ghhjb преди 3 дни
YeBoyShadow преди 3 дни
3:43 pewdiepie is killer bee confirmed
Zenkazi Music
Zenkazi Music преди 3 дни
Funny how Pewds manages to make mundane topics so enjoyable.
Benjamin S.
Benjamin S. преди 3 дни
I agree with your point to use math and logic rather than waiting for ETs to come pick us up for a field trip.
Vyr1ssTV преди 3 дни
Do another one of these
Aksel Smith
Aksel Smith преди 3 дни
we already know the size of the galaxy tho...
axel преди 3 дни
axel преди 3 дни
John Doe
John Doe преди 3 дни
Future Hub
Cristi Tanase
Cristi Tanase преди 3 дни
"I'm smarter than Reddit". You mean you're below average...OK then.
david einfachso
david einfachso преди 3 дни
Nominoë преди 3 дни
goose. преди 3 дни
4:11 i don't know myself dammit
Naiara naiara
Naiara naiara преди 3 дни
The question about drinking to make friends is more about going out to bars,partys and things like that, like, if I don't like dancing, I can pretend I'm drinking and talk a little to meet people
Fadillah islamay harditya
Fadillah islamay harditya преди 3 дни
Reddit say
Anny преди 3 дни
I’ve noticed that after discovering philosophy and what not, Felix’s perspective on the world has changed, I think it would be interesting to see how the answers he gave in this video would differ compared to that of maybe 2 or 3 years ago.
Sir Shuttlesworth
Sir Shuttlesworth преди 3 дни
Pewds. Time cannot be infinite because today would not have gotten here. Also basically the fact that time is just entropy and the fact the if time went infinitely in the past then we would have infinitely long ago reached the heat death of the universe. If time goes infinitely in the future then entropy will stop one day because everything has an even amount of heat (heat death) and if there is no change in entropy there is no time. Also that’s why we say time is “relative” because entropy behaves differently at higher speeds. So no pewds, TIME IS NOT INFINITE
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