Seniors Needs to be STOPPED!

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преди 14 дни

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Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper преди 6 минути
“Seniors need to be stopped!” **senior rate drops to 0%** 📉
Soda Dealer
Soda Dealer преди 52 минути
The thing about how you regress when you get older is really cute! My grandma is really fun to hang out with haha she likes to play little games and it’s so cool!
rsxbulma преди час
Last one alive gets it
MrLightning Knight
MrLightning Knight преди 2 часа
they need alone time i need friends Ken was right on most people these days are alone so back to forever alone
WouldYouJust _
WouldYouJust _ преди 3 часа
The middle lady looks like she ate a turd right before she got on set.
Diana Allen
Diana Allen преди 4 часа
Ahhhhhhhhhhh I neeeed it for alone time
Chucho преди 5 часа
99% sure those 3 "ladies" are racist af
Cody B
Cody B преди 5 часа
Having money won't help your mental health problems, i.e. "i need alone time" x2. The other reasons were more tangible: teeth, door, appliances. Shit, even the 2 charitable causes were to eliminate homelessness by giving them cheaper housing -- tangible. God damn, these videos piss me off hahah fuck you, Cut. Up yours! Haha
Box Bois
Box Bois преди 7 часа
I wanna see middle schoolers decide. The reasons would be so dumb. “I need the ps5” “Well I need the series x!”
Oz Bar-Hen
Oz Bar-Hen преди 7 часа
They should do it with a twist where the first out gets the money so it turn s out right
Mega Machamp
Mega Machamp преди 7 часа
Plot twist they are all actors
Emma Whelan
Emma Whelan преди 7 часа
Ok but like if they want alone time, they can enjoy themselves but Jennifer can't enjoy just living her everyday life cause she can't eat so huh?? Glad she got enough money through gofundme for dentures
COW6IRL69 преди 7 часа
The middle lady needs to learn how to manage her life. It costs nothing.
Marco Arana
Marco Arana преди 7 часа
The charity guy is just so based, and an all round chad
Dejan Petkovic
Dejan Petkovic преди 8 часа
Al was so sweet 😭
BRYTE Kru преди 8 часа
30 fr scuba diving is risky??? I've gone spearfishing with snorkel gear and we didn't even get to the point where we had to wait til we were down 30ft then we had to wait between 30s and about a minute or so. Usually each dive last about 2 minutes but it's crazy because after just a few trips 2 minutes doesn't seem so long and even from the first dive to the last you would think you get tired but it actually gets easier because your lungs expand and if you have an oxygen tank on the boat you can easily hold for 3 minutes+ with barely any training.
The Knifaholic
The Knifaholic преди 9 часа
The middle lady deserves to be unhappy and alone
Max Clips
Max Clips преди 9 часа
People who genuinely need the money will not fight for it like animals but greedy people with no need for the money will kill you over it
Tony can't dance
Tony can't dance преди 9 часа
The lady I couldn't stand for the entire video actually did something nice
Hana преди 10 часа
watching these two react always remind me that i have sympathy
jeiyuuu преди 12 часа
maybe the lady who wanted alone time CREATED CORONAVIRUS and helped spread it all over the world so that everybody would have to stay inside. that sounds pretty realistic to me. but that's just a theory, a CONSPIRACY THEORY. aaaaaand cut.
Destiny Zimmerman
Destiny Zimmerman преди 12 часа
So the most selfish people stay and the reasonable ones get voted off? Sounds like America
Lazy Wizard
Lazy Wizard преди 13 часа
Not really important, but 42 is a really bad guess. 25 is my number because it is most likely to be close to any number. And in this case 25 wins many of their guess.
Evan Lewis
Evan Lewis преди 13 часа
It was the UK’s last prime minister that said they ran through a field of wheat... when asked if she’d ever done anything naughty.
Acaman преди 15 часа
HOW THE F did I think of the same number as Felix did, way before he said it???
성이름 преди 15 часа
Samantha ApexProgeny
Samantha ApexProgeny преди 16 часа
Y’all talking how that lady is thick but did you notice those damn feet? It’s like when I’d stick my fingers in Barbie shoes as a kid.
Chelsea преди 16 часа
I've stopped watching these videos when they put them up so long ago. Everytime I ended up mad. It's rarely the person that really needs it and has the ugliest personality that wins. I even skip to the end to watch Ken and Pewds but not suffer. 😂
Jan Navařík
Jan Navařík преди 18 часа
I had to stop watching after they voted out Jennifer, those 3 made me physically sick
Dayanna Martinez
Dayanna Martinez преди 19 часа
adventuregamingvital преди 19 часа
Dayanna Martinez
Dayanna Martinez преди 19 часа
Dayanna Martinez
Dayanna Martinez преди 19 часа
A V преди 21 час
Not saying $1000 dollars is a small amount of money but it's not a huge amount of money to fight like this over...
Husker Dee
Husker Dee преди 22 часа
Anyone notice in these how the white dude is always the first one voted out and is also the most sensible at the same time
jay travers
jay travers преди 22 часа
Age clearly doesn't equal maturity. And the worst part about that is how society typically deems it otherwise - some of these seniors are clearly a follower of that with how ignorant they are to the contrary.
Moltair Tremox
Moltair Tremox преди 23 часа
how to quickly win the number game. 1 number from 1 to 50. just pick 25. basicly you cant win, but neither cant you lose.
Shush i Down
Shush i Down преди 23 часа
I knew the black ladies were gonna stick together from the start.
Khawla Khaled
Khawla Khaled преди ден
It’s actually scares me to see people like this who are so selfish and completely ignores someone’s need
Sander Willson
Sander Willson преди ден
The lady in the middle is full of crap o my mental health screw that
Lili Marlene
Lili Marlene преди ден
The best thing about this vid is that it will be floating around decades from now so Pewds can watch his younger self making fun of his older self......not that Pewds is that young anymore. 👨🏼‍🦳
Circuit преди ден
Ngl this wasnt as bad as I was expecting after watching all those other vids lol
Ggslaxx YT
Ggslaxx YT преди ден
I don’t think a single guy has won one of theses
Bernard Gio Tan
Bernard Gio Tan преди ден
The two of you should just make a podcast
Brynn Bortree
Brynn Bortree преди ден
Leaving this for me cause Felix's laugh was PERFECT: 22:43
hallie t
hallie t преди ден
Jennifer still has about $1000 left to go on her gofundme!!
Ian Scott
Ian Scott преди ден
Imagine two rich guys making fun of and old guy that doesn't want to pay more taxes.
Chris B
Chris B преди ден
im just not able to finish one of these videos in a single sitting if at all i just cant handle that some of the people actually exist it hurts my brain its starting to hurt my psyche as stupid as that might sound it really kills the few good thoughts about humanity i had to scraped together over the past few years i mean the amount of horrible people in these videos and what is worse, them sometimes even being reworded for their bad behaviour i just dont know how im supposed to handle this its like in all of these videos, nobodys has been able to grow out schoolyard behaviour icronically, the comments overwhelmingly are able to pick out whos a proper cunt, so odd if you look closley youll see all my sentences are starting with an i edit: ok i just think its funny that a few seconds after ive posted this, felix got into a small "you people are all the same" rant edit2: ive actually managed to watch past the middle of the video in one sitting the three ladys in the middle just voted off miss-i-need-new-teeth i dont know if i can keep watching also, i know there are too few people to be representative of any kind of group, except maybe seniors, but damn, these three ladys make black people look bad, just like the lady in the "strangers" video edit3: i know nobodys prob reads this, but whatever those three women jerking each other of about parenting and fake crying feel like a bad sitcom crossed with the skekssis fromt he dark crystal im getting mad
Night Rain
Night Rain преди ден
Need more
Bethany Harris
Bethany Harris преди ден
The lady in the middle is definitely not someone I'd ever like to interact with. She's probably a nightmare for customer service workers.
CrowScareify преди ден
Every damn time it’s a matter of manipulation and like putting themselves into weird alliances
Zoe Grayson
Zoe Grayson преди ден
Personal space lady really made the decision to have children and then got mad when she had to live with them
Michael Kraemer
Michael Kraemer преди ден
Sadly Felix, that is the story of humanity: A few are genuinely good, the rest are assholes.
Amanda Kantzer
Amanda Kantzer преди ден
Learn from this young ones. If you are bitter and selfish now you will be bitter and selfish old too. Check yourself and dont be the nasty ladies left.
ImDeliciousS преди ден
Why do I get the urge to punch some old people 😅
H V преди ден
these two should make a second channel change my mind
Personne Connqit
Personne Connqit преди ден
1k dollars is a very expensive way to have a personal place... do what i do, i dont have my own room, im 24h in the kitchen and if i want personal place i go to the toilet or just to a room and close the fucking door
Memmeon_ 2008
Memmeon_ 2008 преди ден
Pewds: Limited edition merch Me a poor little shit:* sad no money noises *
VICTOR преди ден
I really dont like the guy with the glasses..idk call me weird but when he started judging the lady for her thighs it changed my mind about him
zanni mm
zanni mm преди ден
anyone notice that the white ones are always the outcasts lol
David Kostrytsya
David Kostrytsya преди ден
imagine having the robot fridge just meeting your ordered food delivery from the grocery store at your door
soumar halub
soumar halub преди ден
PETITION!!! to make pewdiepie participate in one of those,Cut 1000 to 1, just so he can beat them up with arguments and silence the sh*t out of them, and then he would give the money to charity
Sharena преди ден
People are made at old people being selfish, like that's the point of the game😂 some older people are like this
Ollyoxenfree преди ден
In every other video, they ask if they can split it and they always tell them no. But in this vid they say yes.
Ollyoxenfree преди ден
Why is it always the people who deserve it the least who think they deserve it the most? They are also very outspoken about it.
Ashley Beth
Ashley Beth преди ден
I'm 38 and disabled, the stigma is real 😑
NaYem Hasan
NaYem Hasan преди ден
I am a child of a middle class family in Bangladesh. If I could meet a good person like you, I could fulfill my hobby of buying gaming PC😢❤
momorie преди ден
The thicc old lady went scubadiving (? Or was it the plane thing?) last year, she obviously can afford a vacation.
cecilia akerlund
cecilia akerlund преди ден
That first guy was so sweet 🥺🥰
Haven DeZeeuw
Haven DeZeeuw преди ден
They should do this again, but give the cash to the first person who got voted off.
Haven DeZeeuw
Haven DeZeeuw преди ден
Bo Thijssen
Bo Thijssen преди ден
I dont know why I keep watching these, its infuriating
ThisIsACrappyUsername преди ден
Can we start a gofundme for the two charity guys?
Willam ********
Willam ******** преди ден
22:06 You mean the prime minister..? lol
BedHeadGaming преди ден
2021 pewds makes me not feel bad about my forehead
Dr_Cory преди ден
Imagine: *seniors but, It’s ww3.*
BladeMajor преди 2 дни
Bring all the winners together. Let them decide who gets the $1000. Then reveal there ain’t shit for prize money. True entertainment 😈
BladeMajor преди 2 дни
Lady in the middle “I can say that I experienced all of what you did” (or something along those lines). You can say you’ve experienced trying to start a homeless charity type thing, having your dentures chewed up to the point of not eating normally, AND losing a child before you end up passing? I call bullshit
Bash Blizzard
Bash Blizzard преди 2 дни
I swear to god when they said think of a special number I thought of 39 then right after ken said the same thing
Benjamin Cho
Benjamin Cho преди 2 дни
I need a fridge that can store fridge. Now that's an idea.
Akhil Shaji
Akhil Shaji преди 2 дни
the first guy lived 87 years. WELL WORTH TIME SPENT ON EARTH!!
2K6TURTLE _ преди 2 дни
She doesnt want personal space. She wants expensive personal space.
Des преди 2 дни
Good for them but I thought they weren't allowed to split the money??
Kyleigh Springer
Kyleigh Springer преди 2 дни
“ive been through a lot, i’m going through a lot-“ okay but do you have teeth? 🤨
foolish kai
foolish kai преди 2 дни
They choose the worst of people for this
Eman2Beast преди 2 дни
One thing I’ve learned from watching these videos is that the greediest and worst of people will attack those with good morals first to get what they want, mainly to benefit themselves 😒
Jeenie Jolie
Jeenie Jolie преди 2 дни
Kent's comments cramped my cheeks from all the friggin' laughing I did... I'm going to look like I'm fresh out of a botox session for the next couple of hrs.... thanks Kent!
Inferno преди 2 дни
I think it’s just California
Chum Tusk
Chum Tusk преди 2 дни
bruh I wanna make a gofund me for Jennifer now. what a shitty group of women at the end
alexia преди 2 дни
Old people that are bitter are the ones that don't feel fulfilled in life.
Megan Noe
Megan Noe преди 2 дни
Okay sooo...while I definitely don't like the bitter lady in the middle that belittled everyone else's needs, I completely forgot till she mentioned grieving that she just buried a child. She said she just wants to scream. Sounds like she's the rock of her family so she hasn't had a chance to stop, take in the fact her child is gone, and proces it. I understand why she keeps saying alone time.
Pepperoni Chili dog
Pepperoni Chili dog преди 2 дни
This is so sad and disappointing
Pepperoni Chili dog
Pepperoni Chili dog преди 2 дни
That lady just wanned to tell everyone how exciting and daring she was
Pepperoni Chili dog
Pepperoni Chili dog преди 2 дни
And the men are both out and not complaining hahahaa
Victoria Lewis
Victoria Lewis преди 2 дни
Pewds: There is a Korean with a double layer Ken:WHAT? Me Living in Korea: You're so behind on everything...
Pepperoni Chili dog
Pepperoni Chili dog преди 2 дни
Almost al the women are black
Pepperoni Chili dog
Pepperoni Chili dog преди 2 дни
The flower dress lady is kinda sweet. It’s funny how people become such fn wolves when a thou is at stake.
rainbows are a mess
rainbows are a mess преди 2 дни
if she lost all her teeth in the future and found a thousand dollars would she spend it for her alone time or for her teeth. She should've asked herself that.
Jovan Milovac
Jovan Milovac преди 2 дни
The guy that was eliminated first voted himself out because he didnt need the money for a personal problem. First he wanted to donate to charity, and second he voted himself out so that people with worst problems would win. What a nice guy
Chris Liapakis
Chris Liapakis преди 2 дни
Is 12.000 per year supposed to be a low income because that in Greece you're lucky with around 9-10k
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